Mathematics Olympiad Excellence Book : Class 10

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Global Excellence Book are Complete Package For Prepration of global olympiad Exam .The Book contains theory as well as Practice Questions Which are very helpful students to undestand the concept and practice for the examination .The challenging problems given in the book will sharpen student's problem solving and logical ability. The hints and solutions are given so that student can clear their doubts.

  1. Real Number
  2. Polynomial
  3. Quadratic Equation
  4. Quadratic Inequation
  5. Linear equation in two variables
  6. Statistics
  7. Sequence and Series (A.P., G.P. and H.P)
  8. Triangles
  9. Circle
  10. Area of circle
  11. Co-ordinate geometry
  12. Trigonometry
  13. Probability
  14. Surface Area and Volume (Mensuration)
  15. Model Test Paper (Stage-I & II)

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