Welcome to Global Olympiad Federation

Global Olympiad Federation (GOF) is a professionally managed nodal organization, which works with several similar Private / Govt. / NGO organizations to groom the young talents for competition in Science / Maths / English / Computer Olympiads at national and international level.

Global Olympiad is a platform where different stakeholders of academic fields have come together with a vision to nurture the talented students for the International Olympiads and to support them to reach at International levels. The students from different schools / institutions join our platform for a healthy competition of Global Olympiad to test their analytical and creative abilities using their present knowledge base.

Since its inception in 2014 it has grown by leaps and bounds. In 2017-18 around one lakh students have appeared. In 2019-20 nearly 10,000,00 students are expected to appear in India and abroad.

The GOF also aims at developing skills such as lateral thinking and leadership through specialized mentoring and workshops in prestigious institution under the guidance of academicians of national and international fame. GOF is proud to have a highly dedicated team of Ex-IITians, Medicos, Ex-IAS officers and renowned academicians for research in content development and academic input.

Talent adoption programs (TAPS) is a unique feature of Global Olympiad Federation where the organization adopt talent at early stage and provide all financial and logistic support to adopted children with generous support from people, NGO’S, Societies and Industry.